SCAVUG – The 2 in 1  Healing method

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SCAVUG for Pets and Horses.

The 2 in 1 Holistic Healing.

At the same time that the energetic healing method SCAVUG balances the bioenergetic body, it provides with valuable information that animals want to bring to the individuals they share their life with.

This universal, energetic and silent language that all living beings “speak”, not only animals but also humans, can be translated into a verbal language, because of its well defined structure.  Everything that animals do has got a profound meaning.

Through unconditional love and beware of the natural laws they lead the persons to look into their hearts and they want them to get aware of an emotional or spiritual unbalance in order to find new solutions for a better life.  It doesn’t matter, if they are presenting an unusual behaviour or important diseases, animals want us to be coherent for their health recovering.

Extensive research of latest scientific, ethologic and psychological investigation as well as several years of practice in healing animals lets Gisela Krutzberg make the following statement:

Recalibrating the animal’s energy field combined with conscious implementation of the revealed information, body’s physics change and produce almost immediate healing of animal’s disease. 

Animals show spontaneous remission of disease, through equilibrating energy and when the referent person applies the received message in order to return to emotional coherence.

Therapy for Animals:

In 4 sessions online or in consultation, sometimes 2 sessions are enough.

The session is worth 63€ each.


For more info send an email to gkrutzberg@gmail.com

or call +34 629 310 965


During the 42nd-SSF-IIIHS-Science-Spirituality-Conference-Montreal-Quebec/on Sunday August 13, Gisela Krutzberg  talked about

“SCAVUG Holistic Healing for Animals and Humans” (Lecture: 1 hr)
SCAVUG is an energetic healing method that allows understanding and translating the systematic structure of the energetic, silent and universal language that all living things (humans, animals, plants and others)share. Everything animals do has profound meaning. Through unconditional love and an awareness of the natural law, animals guide us to look deeper within our hearts to find new healing paths. When they present with unusual behaviour or disease, they convey to related persons the emotional or spiritual unbalance that is the root. Rebalancing the animal’s energy field and combining it with a conscious awareness of what the related person is trying to communicate can affect changes in the physical body that may produce an immediate healing. It is a synergistic balancing and healing between animals and humans that forms a significant bond. Our animals just want us to be balanced and coherent. This is their mission on earth, and they express it through unconditional love.(Follow-up workshop: Session 10a)


Therapy for Persons:


SCAVUG for You s a revealing therapy that creates a state of balance of body, mind and soul. That balance provides health thanks to the Subtle Natural Energies.

SCAVUG is an innovative method of tuning into the energy field and awareness, decoding a Universal, Silent and Powerful language. When the unification of body, mind and soul takes place, a greater intuition and clarity is experienced; You gain time and efficiency, value and safety; you will discover unsuspected innate talents and, above all, your wonderful self-healing capacity will be activated.

A healthy treatment and philosophy of life, based on scientific and spiritual as well as field research. 

The SCAVUG Connection: 

A Quantum Leap to your Consciousness  

The SCAVUG Connection will be a determining experience for your future and your existence. This renewing technique tunes you to your original design and involves you in your healing process. Thanks to the natural laws of quantum forces, distance does not matter.

The SCAVUG Connection reconnects with yourself, with the planetary grid and with the Universe so that you can develop all your faculties, talents, gifts, intuition and powers of self-healing, balancing any health alterations, quickly and lastingly.

There will be an awesome change in your being. Once in a lifetime only, in 2 sessions on 2 consecutive days and lasts forever. The price of € 333 has a very healing  frequency .

SCAVUG Complete Treatment 

Full SCAVUG treatment is recommended to recover health from any pathological disease. By releasing blockades in the energetic body, the new energy is allowed to flow freely again. Old schemes of diseases are also eliminated through decodification,  providing harmony to the totality of the corporal, as well as the emotional and spiritual functions.


The SCAVUG Connection

It is done in 2 sessions, in 2 consecutive days. Together they are worth 333 euros.

This number is a regenerative vibration that accompanies the value. (333 = 3 + 3 + 3 = 9 = The Creation =  Vibration 17.6 = Universal Energy)

SCAVUG Complete

If there is disease: Harmonizing the energetic body, decoding and suppressing  pathologies in 4 sessions at 63 € each, 6 + 3 = self-healing vibration.

To finalize with the SCAVUG Connection 

Treatment online or face-to-face.

For more info send an email to gkrutzberg@gmail.com  

or call +34 629 310 965

Interactive Seminars SCAVUG online

Discover quantum language for healing 

Surf into the original nature of our 4-leg fellows, know their real needs and the wonderful and deep functions they exert in your life.

You will know the basics of the energy method, the latest scientific knowledge and the subtle language of horses, dogs, cats and other species.

You will understand from another point of view, why they get sick and how they can recover their health very effectively and, naturally, also prevent them from getting sick. Sense and understand the natural laws through silent communication between living beings to obtain amazing results of healing, restoring the balance and health of animals and humans.

Gisela Krutzberg. Invited speaker at the 42nd SSF IIIHS Science & Spirituality
Conference Montreal Quebec, August 11 – 20, 2017.

 ENGLISH SPOKEN Courses: SCAVUG  online: