Conference in Montreal, Canada , Sunday, August 13, 2017

During the 42nd-SSF-IIIHS-Science-Spirituality-Conference-Montreal-Quebec/on Sunday August 13, Gisela Krutzberg will talk about

“SCAVUG Holistic Healing for Animals and Humans” (Lecture: 1 hr)
SCAVUG is an energetic healing method that allows understanding and translating the systematic structure of the energetic, silent and universal language that all living things (humans, animals, plants and others)share. Everything animals do has profound meaning. Through unconditional love and an awareness of the natural law, animals guide us to look deeper within our hearts to find new healing paths. When they present with unusual behaviour or disease, they convey to related persons the emotional or spiritual unbalance that is the root. Rebalancing the animal’s energy field and combining it with a conscious awareness of what the related person is trying to communicate can affect changes in the physical body that may produce an immediate healing. It is a synergistic balancing and healing between animals and humans that forms a significant bond. Our animals just want us to be balanced and coherent. This is their mission on earth, and they express it through unconditional love.(Follow-up workshop: Session 10a)


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